Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Infamous Pink Elephant Story

This is how idiotic the new "House Music Lounge" scene in NYC has become. My promoter extraordinaire Jeff Krauss managed to hook up an audition for me at what he said is, "THE HOTTEST NEW HOUSE MUSIC CLUB-" "LOUNGE", I corrected. "THE HOTTEST NEW HOUSE MUSIC LOUNGE--" "Which by definition is a fucking oxymoron if you ask me or Saam..." I interjected. "LOOK, URI. JUST SHOW UP. THEY LIKE YOUR DEMO, THEY WANT YOU TO GO LISTEN TO WHAT THEIR DJ PLAYS". Needless to say, their dj SUCKED and played all that euro/latin/subliminal records MUMBO JUMBO music for their oblivious clientele who were obviously there to be 'seen', not dance. When I came back to play, they not only shaded me at the door, but they shaded JEFF who was FURIOUS I might add. I think that's pretty fucking funny. I couldn't get in to my own gig!

PINK ELEPHANT: Can it get any cornier

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