Friday, September 3, 2010

Metro North Railroad - New Haven Line's New 'Ghost' Train

 Here is the proof, folks, They do exist. For all of you on Metro North's New Haven Line who have been suffering on those old broken down, held together with chewing gum and spit train cars, you know the ones that smell like onions and about 60 years worth of use? The ones that have barely any air conditioning and tend to break down a lot between stops? The ones that you find yourself saying, "How DARE they charge full fare for these train cars" that get your white clothes soiled even after they've been scrubbed? Imagine having to work in those conditions for hours on end... Imagine having to DRIVE that thing never knowing if it's gonna just fall apart when you switch tracks before 125th street. Well new cars are on the way - at least 8 cars lol - and they are being tested over and over during off hours. I tip my hat to the brilliant engineering behind the red line's old soldiers that continue to do their job to the best of their ability, but they deserve to be retired and become a great barrier reef somewhere. I've always been told the red line doesn't have new trains because they failed the crash test. Does anyone think the current trains would pass?
Don't get me wrong, I love my train line. if it wasn't for the MNR I couldn't live where I do and alcaholic twenty-somethings wouldn't have anything drink publicly on, nor would they have a car to vomit in on that dreaded 1:53 am train back to Conn.

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