Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Pride

Happy Pride my people, enjoy enjoy! This is one of the rare good holidays that don't involve some BS that the government or church invented so they can take your money. I honestly think it's great to be feared and despised by mostly everybody. I praise any day that celebrates your INDIVIDUALITY.

I'm not 'straight'. I'm not 'gay'. I am Uri Dalal and I don't give a flying fuck what you think. FUCK your need to label what you can't understand. Fuck your rehashed trends. Fuck your old world ways and traditions. Fuck your inability to open or change your mind. Fuck your stupid annoying questions. Nobody has any right to tell ANYBODY who or what they should be, fuck, and especially MARRY. MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!

The sooner we fight the real enemy and realize that organized religion - ALL OF THEM - is pure evil we will be at peace and leave each other the fuck alone. All religious fanatics who preach anything that passes judgement on others and not let them marry are EVIL. Organized Religion is the last true evil left in the world. I'm not saying not to believe what you believe and I have no clue whether you nuts are right or wrong. I just think it's pretty fucking brilliant to be here at all on this beautiful planet. Wanna worship something? WORSHIP THE FUCKING PLANET.

Any member of a religious cult who has the NERVE to think they are "GOD's" CHOSEN PEOPLE, or that some dude I don't even know or will ever know died for my bad deeds or when the 'prophecy' is fulfilled and a Jihad will cleanse the earth is no different than the people who put other human beings in concentration camps or forced them to work as slaves.

Why can't we just take the good stuff out of all those storybooks like "love thy neighbor"? I can't believe an organization that harbors pedophiles is taken seriously in any way, or be allowed to have any say in our lives. Would you let NAMBLA tell you who you could marry?

Like Celeda & Danny said, " know you're something special..."

I belong to no group religious, race or community oriented. The only thing I am that has a label is in LOVE with my wife. The best friend I've ever had xoxoxo

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Saam Ishi Dalal said...

Exactly daddy, you couldn't have said it better.
I love you so much. You're the BEST thing that ever happened to me. I worship the ground you walk on. XOXO