Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just a thought...

Something very cool happened to me at the new After Hours my promoter is doing tonight.

Carla and I stormed that party tonight and can you believe we were treated with respect by everyone. THAT hasn't happened in a while.
I met an adorabe bunch of fans that actually knew who I was, we overheard one say, "Carla Body is here and she came with Uri Dalal! WORK!" Omg that was so fucking cute I almost died. I'm not used to that at all! Then I realized why I've been so depressed lately. I don't need the 'kids' or F-People to be down with me. I done trying to make anyone see the light. I need my own fans & my own people believing in me and what I'm trying to do. Don't get it twisted, I love the kids and those events. It's just if they're too caught up not to take advantage of what's in front of them, then I'm good, I'm gone.

I'm ALWAYS trying to please some asshole on some level or another either on the dancefloor or some condescending idiot owner/promoter who thinks they're doing me a favor just by talking to me, telling me I'm too hungry? So what does that mean? I've never been fired for working too hard before... They're so fucking corny I just can't.

I've been so busy trying to get gigs at Pacha and kissing everyone's ass that I forgot I fucking hate those fake corny assholes! If I didn't need the work or fans trust me you wouldn't catch me dead at assewhatever.

I don't need to sweat Pacha or those places. I don't need or want be down with those people at ALL. I have always been brought in to those tired clique oriented scenes and everyone hates me instantly because I don't want to fuck them and prefer dancing or listening to the music instead of talking about how cool they are. Then after I finally get an opportunity to play they cut my set MAD SHORT treat me like shit and the higher up Djs are intimidated by me because I'm older and have old school skills and the talent & creativity to back it up. I have more than just the coolest newest track to come out. I have the ability to have longevity which puts those computer beat matched Djs out of a job. I don't need a program to match my beats. I learned how to do that 20 years ago.

Those Model/Djs and new kids fear me and they fucking SHOULD because I'm coming up without your help, and when I arrive it's going back to being about HOUSE MUSIC. Talent, spirituality, freedom and all this segregated shit is going out the window. I'm putting all you no talent motherfuckers out of work the same way you did me. Those that are and have always been family will have jobs until I'm dead.