Monday, October 5, 2009

Dj Uri Dalal - The Perle Part One: Chill The Fuck Out

So after this weekend I was over I still had a bit of nuttiness inside my brain left over from spinning at Velour & the Perle, so I turned on the gear and just completely went there. This is my after after hours fried brain twisted like jelly mix. It's fun & funky and it's got a lot of soul. It's also really fucking WEIRD.
So some of you may not like it at all and wonder what kind of drugs I must be on lol, but I think I chose my Tags very wisely. Except for one person I'm taking a chance giving this to.

Dj Uri Dalal - The Perle Part One: Chill The Funk Out


p.s. Arina I know you won't get around to listening to this for another month, that's actually a cool idea

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