Saturday, October 24, 2009


First of all let me properly thank everyone who attended my birthday party at Velour! Thank you so much for showing face! I was so completely surprised by the show of love and I can't tell you how much that means to me! It was an amazing night and I was so excited to play for my colleagues and friends who understand & share my passion for what I do as well as live it too!
Well, it really was OVAH OVAH OVAH! Nothing like having a bona fide dance floor LEGEND to share my birthday with, and I gagged when our party was taken over completely by the House of Field... Now THOSE bitches are LEGENDARY TOO! I'm glad I let everyone HAVE IT!!! I'd say 80% had never even HEARD me play before! Oh I know you THINK you've heard, but trust me... you HAVEN'T.

Just wait until I have a dance floor for a good 8-10 hours with absolutely no interruptions in the booth! I am salivating at the thought... Honestly I think the only one who understands my crazy dj booth habits is my beautiful wife (of course), She had to BREAK BACK IN to the building to get them for us! You can take the girl off the street...

Anyhoo, even the army of Eurotrash in front of me couldn't get me down! So we came home and I needed to spin and unwind a bit. Like always I was just getting WARMED up by the time we closed, so out came the classics.

Every birthday I love to look back on the music that made me who and what I am, and I have either been there or done my homework over the years so trust me I know my shit, ha ha! Here Is my crazy long four hour tribute to (some) of the most amazing music I've ever heard and it has had such an impact, that I realized I just can't DO anything else.

Luckily, I have my Saam who won't LET me do anything else. I am truly the most luckiest and blessed man alive. I have the best life, the best wife, the best friends, and I do what I love for a living. I truly feel blessed this birthday & lucky to know you all. I thought I would be down because it's a big one but I don't fucking care anymore. I still look good and have fun lol.

I just was thinking about my past and watching MotherJuan finally dancing outside my booth & yelling at me to WERK! and seeing how pleasantly surprised the fierce & fabulous that didn't know me were with the music & it made my heart soar. You may listen to this mix and think a lot of these tracks are before my time to not just know them but to know how to play them too, but don't forget I grew up in my Dad's wrecka stow, and worshipped his disco lifestyle, so there it is. Just please keep an open mind and you'll make it through the parts you don't get. Don't worry, you'll get it when you're older. Lol

If you can't hang, I guess you can get back to your poker face or whatever. If you're NOT in the mood for classics, save it until you are!

- U & S of America

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