Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm sorry but if I have to hear about this stupid idiot rapper upstaging some kid or something on Empty-Vee one more time like it's REMOTELY important to anyone's life, I'm gonna FUCKING PUKE. What is REAL NEWS to me that nobody is talking about, is when some of the very scary people that live in this country actually kept their children OUT of school so that they wouldn't hear President Obama's back to school pep talk? What the fuck did they think he was gonna say? 'Kill Da White Devil'? Fucking PATHETIC and racist. THAT'S news. I don't give a shit about Beyoncé or Kanye Swift because they all really mean absolutely nothing to me and haven't put out one single song that I will be playing in ten years.
There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with the media in this country and what we consider NEWS. It's terrifying really.
They have succeeded in creating a nation of cretins. But not all of us.

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