Monday, October 22, 2007

Machine History

I think it was possibly the first year my family had moved from the two family house on Spring Street to the little grey house in Passaic NJ that a kid who lived up the street snuck me into his older brother's room to show me his record collection. Unfortunately I can't remember his name, they moved away a few weeks later, but I suppose I can trace my fascination with music to this moment when 'Kiss - Alive!' was placed in my hands and my life was changed forever. I knew the second the record started to play and I heard half of Detroit screaming and cheering as Kiss took the stage that this was what I was going to do for the rest of my life. In the first grade I went to try out for the school band. The band director Mr. Fine, immediately noticed that the drums were my instrument and I later became his star pupil, mastering anything he threw at me within minutes. He featured me in all the school recitals, demonstrating drum rudiments and being the all-to eager ham I am, I started my illustrious career lol. I don't know if you understand what it feels like, standing on a stage in front of a crowd and managing to make them forget their troubles for a moment or show them something beautiful. It's really not about being 'famous' or money (although it don't hurt lol). It's the surge of energy and emotion that is so addictive. The act of creating a 'moment' unlike any other where all involved are thinking or dancing and freely concentrating on the same thing. I'm describing it so poorly, I know but there is something so powerful and intense and spiritual about this and I know it's only possible to create this through music. Something that brings you back to the very core of what makes us special as a race or human beings or whatever you want to call us, and dancing is probably the earliest of tribalistic rituals that was practiced to create such a thing. It was considered magic, and I guess it is.

This is why I'm so adamant about not having 'visitors' in the booth while I'm working. Truth is, I'm really not the stuck up jerk off people probably think I am for kicking them out, it's imperative to me that I don't get distracted so that I can give 1000% to the dancefloor and really feed off the energy of the dancers and get inside their heads. I need to be alone to really take bits and pieces of songs, put them all together in a different way and create something completely new and exciting to dance to; this new piece of music never heard before and never again. This is what I believe a dj should try and do. Anyone can learn to play record to record and hit after hit. Where's the excitement in that? Music is the only thing on this planet that we all agree on, love equally, and speak the same language. It transcends race, religion, age, any type of difference. Is it any wonder that those who create it are worshipped like religious figures? If there are more advanced beings in the universe controlling all that is, the only reason we're allowed to exist is because our music is so fucking good. Otherwise we'd be toast! We've got to be the most idiotic beings in the universe. We are totally out of control, we know NOTHING about the universe we live in, We can't stop killing anything and everything in sight including ourselves and the planet. We worship money over science. I guarantee we aren't the only planet with life on it. I mean, how can that be? It's so typical of us to think so, too. BUT, I'm sure they're all terrified of us and I don't blame them one bit. Sorry, got a little sidetracked there...